ELEGEND - Master­pieces of Retro­fusion

Electrifying power. A strong start that leaves everything behind. The age of our ELEGEND cars is dawning.

Dynamics that only connoisseurs can tame. A design that makes motorsport fans go into raptures. A look that flexes its muscles even when stationary. Who wouldn't want to get in and test-drive it right away?

And then from zero to 100 in less than 3 seconds ...

They are rare. They are unique. Wherever they appear, they attract attention: the legendary supercars from the heyday of motorsport.

Often, it's love at first sight. Mostly unattainable ...

We bring design icons of the past back to the street, reinterpreted for our time.

There have always been outstanding icons of automotive design that have retained their legendary reputation to this day.

We revive such milestones of automotive engineering in exclusive, handcrafted small series with powerful e-motorization, perfect driving physics, and a long range.

And with a vehicle design inspired by the old classics. To achieve this, we have developed our own design language that fuses elements from the past and the future.

Our vehicles are therefore masterpieces of retrofusion!

Our supercars are for the most demanding sports car enthusiasts who appreciate something special.

Genuine supercar legends are not often seen on our roads. They show that automotive engineering can be a real art.

Because they set innovative accents in technology and design that still have an impact decades later. That's why they make a grand entrance wherever they appear.

Our unique automotive masterpieces combine classic design art with state-of-the-art e-drive and battery technology. The body considers the latest findings in lightweight construction. And the sporty, elegant, handcrafted interior will also delight car enthusiasts with a passion for the exquisite.

Become part of the retrofusion!



KWH battery capacity


KW power


secounds 0 - 100 km/h


KM Reichweite (WLTP)


KW DC fast charging

Timeless design must still have a place in the automotive world today.

Marcus Holzinger