Reinterpreting a rally legend has always been a dream for me.

Marcus Holzinger

ELEGEND – How all began

Marcus Holzinger can look back on a long career as a car designer. His expertise is in high demand among renowned international premium car manufacturers. Holzinger has never lost sight of his own dream of reviving legendary motorsport classics using modern technical means.

The concept for the ELEGEND series brings automotive history and the present together:

Timeless design that revisits and reinterprets the special strengths of classic vehicles. State-of-the-art e-drive technology that brings the unleashed power of the old motorsport legends to life one-to-one.

Advanced lightweight body construction with robust materials for maximum performance and efficiency. Exclusive handcrafted interior design using the highest quality materials.

Holzinger succeeded in inspiring proven specialists in highly optimized e-drives, lightweight construction, and interior design for his vision - and thus the foundations were laid for the construction of the first ELEGEND.

The first hand-picked and individually configured variants of the EL1 will soon leave the manufactory for discerning automobile lovers. Further modern ELEGEND classics are already being planned for the coming years.