Marcus Holzinger

Design, Chairman, Founder

Professional background. Deep insights already during school years at HOTE Studios. After graduating from high school, two-year internship at VW Design Center USA, followed by studies in industrial design at Munich University of Applied Sciences. From 2005 Exterior Designer at Volkswagen Design Wolfsburg in exterior design. Since 2009 Managing Director at HOTE Studios for product design. Founder of ELEGEND AG, designer of the EL1.

Relation with mobility and rally sport. His father Wolfgang Holzinger founded HOTE Studios in 1981 and worked intensively on the Audi Sport Quattro. As a child, Marcus Holzinger attended many rally and circuit races with his father and was infected with "motorsport fever". For him, vehicles not only signify mobility, but above all technology and aesthetics.

G√ľnther Riedl

Technology, Co-Founder

Professional background. After graduating from high school, studied at the TU Munich with a focus on lightweight construction and automotive engineering. During his studies, he was one of the first members of the Formula Student Team Munich, TU Munich. Founded Roding Automobile GmbH together with his colleagues in 2007. 2012 Presentation of the Roding Roadster as a production vehicle. Subsequently, establishment of an engineering and composite/carbon manufacturing facility as a service provider. Currently Managing Director of Roding Automobile GmbH, an internationally active technology company in the field of development and production of "Mobility Solutions" with a focus on lightweight construction and electromobility with 70 employees. Provided the initial spark for the technical concept of the EL1 and executes the technical development.

Relation with mobility and rally sport. Has been a motorsport fan since early childhood, not only rallying but also circuit and endurance racing. Currently finds the change in mobility very interesting and even more exciting to be able to help shape it with a committed and qualified team. In addition to cool last-mile delivery concepts, this also includes retrofuturistic supercars with electric drives that invoke legends. Has turned his hobby into his profession.

Manuel Egginger


Professional background. After graduating from high school, trained as an automotive salesman, then youngest Porsche Managing Director ever at several locations in Germany. Subsequently Member of the Board of VERSINO AG for SAP Business ONE and SAP ByDesign, Member of the Management Board of Emil Frey Exclusive Cars Bentley in Germany. Currently Managing Director at the Porsche Center Rosenheim and honorary juror at BayStartUp.

Relation with mobility and rally sport. For Manuel Egginger, his 18th birthday and the accompanying issuance of his driver's license was one of the most important days of his life. He describes himself as an automobile enthusiast of the purest water, regularly enjoying the symbiosis of the passion of driving and the automobile. Passionate motorsport enthusiast with a pronounced love of rallying and circuit racing, participated in several rallies across Europe with his wife as co-pilot.

Fabian Strobl

Marketing & Communication, Co-Founder

Professional background. After training as a media designer specializing in design, vocational baccalaureate and further training as a media technician. Founded an advertising agency in 2007 and built up a large network in all industries. To date, the company has served around 600 customers. 2020 Foundation of OAO Impuls GmbH, specialized in marketing concepts & marketing strategy as well as transformation of companies. 2020 Co-Founder of ELEGEND AG.

Relation with mobility and rally sport. Has been passionate about cars since his childhood, automotive design since his teenage years, and emotional and sporty driving as an adult. Big fan of the Pikes Peak Quattro S1. Drives go-karts as a hobby, loves driver training and ice drifting. Since founding ELEGEND AG increasing passion for rally sport and electric supercars in retrofuturistic design.

Marc Schefbauer

After Sales

Professional background. After training as a technical model maker, specializing in bodywork, further training as an ICEM surf modeler and technical product designer. Currently Project Manager at HOTE Studios, early involvement with ELEGEND AG in the development of the EL1.

Relation with mobility and rally sport. Since early childhood, a great interest in cars, rallying and motorsport. The driving forces behind this, apart from his proximity to Ingolstadt, were his family and HOTE Studios with its long tradition as a service provider in the automotive sector. He enjoys go-kart driving as a hobby. Besides the pleasure of driving sporty cars, he attributes great importance to technology, quality, and design.